Wild flowers in Paris

Wild flowers in Paris : A series of photographs directed by Magali Roucaut

These photographs have been taken in Paris, at the roadside, behind wastelands’ fences and behind the gates of working sites.
These wild flowers are there only because of the coincidence of winds, birds’ flights and insects gathering of nectar an pollen.
No need to interfere, these flowers were there, just as they are, with their shapes, their colors, their attitudes revealed by the photographs.

« The wildflower photography by Magali Roucaut takes us on a fresh-eyed photographic discovery of Paris, with a luscious journey to boot, where wildflowers take centrestage over buildings and monuments. Her website Paris Fleurs Sauvages is testimony to the surprising biodiversity found within the French capital and its immediate suburbs, and all those wild flowers will surely be the most valuable contributors to the renowned Parisian honey being produced from beehives placed in the most unusual places, like on the rooftops of the Opéra Garnier! »
La Baguette Magique

« A retrospective that allows visitors to discover the French capital in a new light. »
Aéroports de Paris

« Magali Roucaut was able to capture the rare contingency when elements are brought together to create a formal interaction between wild flowers and architecture. Hence many an original ecosystem, city and nature creating new landscapes together.  »

« As she takes pictures of wild flowers in unexpected places, in the Conciergerie, at Orly airport, in a ZAC (zone of commercial development in the suburbs) or in Austerlitz station, Magali Roucaut highlights the diversity of Paris vegetal assets, rich with hidden gems of biodiversity, as these flowers that grew despite all the constraints of the urban scenery.  »
Ça se passe au jardin